Purveyor of Professional Event, Wedding and Portraiture Photography.

Clients include:

  • Honda
  • Deloitte
  • GMP Securities
  • TD Bank
  • Les Brown Enterprises
  • Archangels Network
  • Pride Toronto
  • Honda Indycar Racing
  • Maple Leaf Angels
  • University of Toronto
  • CMA Ontario
  • Alex Grey
  • and many happy couples and families!

"I love many forms of art, but I focus on Photography for one simple reason: Life is magical when fully present IN THE MOMENT. Capturing these moments, so they can be shared and cherished, is my mission, and my camera is my tool.
Have an event coming up? Get in touch! Thanks for stopping by!"

~ Scott Corman ~


"Sharp, composed and professional, we trust Scott to photograph all of our corporate events.  
The best part?  Once booked I stop worrying entirely.  In a world where dependability is crucial, Scott's level of commitment to the job is a refreshing sip of confidence!"

Catherine Wallace
Executive Assistant to CEO
GMP Securities



"We trusted Scott Corman to capture our international supplier conference in Toronto.  There was a challenging agenda to cover in different areas and in different buildings.  Scott didn't miss a beat, it's like he was always everywhere all the time!  We are very happy to recommend Scott as a photographer".

Amy Therrien
Strategic Planning
Corporate Planning Division
Honda Motors Manufacturing



"Photography enables us to view the world in creative and novel ways, sharing extra-ordinary aspects of the ordinary world. Scott Corman is a true visionary, his photos are sharp and juicy, framing the mundane in profoundly magical ways. With an eye to colour, light and texture, he brings new life to everything he photographs. His professional style and passionate, easy going attitude made him a pleasure to work with. The process and product of my time with Scott was a profound upgrade to my media projects and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a uniquely creative and highly skilled photographer".

Delvin Solkinson
Managing Editor
CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture